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This refreshing handbook--equally useful in the boardroom, the classroom and the living room--captures insightful lessons from personal encounters with diversity.


"Terrific writer!" the late Texas Governor Ann Richards

"In one concise and enjoyable volume,Joan Lester has given women what we always thought the 'old boys network' gave to men: She offers women of all backgrounds personalized feminist strategies for clearing away internalized baggage and finding the power within...a step-by-step guide to making the personal powerful."

Helen Zia, Ms Magazine


"A welcome addition to discussions about multiculturalism. Lester's stories are poignant in their simplicity. Whether you are an African-Caribbean lesbian living in Kansas city or a white heterosexual man living on Long Island, you can learn from this book."
Ms. Magazine



Orange County Register


"Questions and concerns are all raised--and dealt with beautifully--in a new, insightful and witty book by Joan Steinau Lester. Should be required reading for every worker in the country."
Milwaukee Journal


"A provacative book that handles sensitive subjects intelligently. Above all, it makes you think."
The Cape Codder


"...deceptively simple, brightly colored little book...certainly not a textbook...definitely a clearly written, unpretentious format for examining diversity...it is an accessible, timely entrance to the twenty-first century."
The Washington Blade



Joan Steinau Lester guides us through our social obstacle course, giving insights into real-life dilemmas. 
 This book provides guidance when you wonder: What do I say? What do I do?