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Crowd at book launch for Mama's Child
Mrs. Dalloway's Books, Berkeley, CA. 





Discussion Guide for LOVING BEFORE LOVING:

A Marriage in Black and White



1. Were there any surprises about 1960s Black/white life?


What about that life did the narrator not understand?



And what did she learn?



What did you learn?





2.  What has changed about racial justice politics since then?




And what hasn't changed?






3. Why did it take the narrator so long to become a professional writer?




What was the role of motherhood in her life?




Community engagement?



Internalized Sexiam?









4. What role did the Women's Movement play in her life, personally and professionally?






5. Which character(s) did you most identify with?










6. Which book(s), poems, or essays she discussed might you read?






7. What new social justice actions might you take now?








8. How did you feel when you finished Loving?












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