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Photo by Irene Young


Dr. Lester is an award-winning commentator, columnist, and author of critically acclaimed books. Her writing has appeared in such publications as USA Today, Ebony, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Tribute, Black Issues Book Review, Ms., Cosmopolitan, Common Dreams, and Huffington Post.





A memoir about Joan Lester's 1962

marriage to the writer Julius Lester




  "Lester's compelling memoir tells the story of a woman determined to heal others—and herself. . . . riveting observations of turbulent political times seen through the lens of her own history, yielding a frank look at her journey to fulfillment." 

Diablo Magazine




"This book is the real deal, the way it was. A good book for folks to grow on.

I love it! Bravo!"

Alice Walker, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Color Purple












"Mama's Child is a deeply felt novel of a daughter on a quest for selfhood and a mother striving to come back to her own. Through alternating perspectives, Lester sensitively illuminates the challenges of living in a world still viewed through the filter of race...awakening through a historic social movement." 





"Powerhouse novel!" 

Ebony Editor's Pick







"The simple contrapuntal narrative…distinguishes the book emotionally and psychologically, raising it above other issue-oriented…novels. Lester writes with social sensitivity and an ear for teen language and concerns. This is engaging treatment of a challenging subject that comes with little precedent."

Publisher's Weekly Starred Review



"Teens will be caught by the alternating stories."




"The tenderness and truth of this book moved my heart."

Alice Walker, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Color Purple





Foreword by Coretta Scott King



"A rip-roaring political biography."

San Francisco Chronicle 




"Lester's thorough portrait is a compelling and inspiring homage to a legacy still in progress."

Publisher's Weekly 



"Lester captures this story brilliantly."








"Shines in its practical strategies for women."

Publishers Weekly



"Lester's tome of 'feminist coping strategies,' peppered with humorous, helpful anecdotes, provides a lively jump-start to goal setting and attaining."



 "Welcomed in the corporate arena as well as in personal life."








"In its chatty, no-nonsense way, puts all the taboos on the's tricky territory, but in Lester's hands, the paths are clear."

San Francisco Chronicle



"A warm, inviting book by a diversity consultant that doesn't toe the political party lines." Orange County Register



"Whether you are an African Caribbean lesbian living in Kansas City, or a white, heterosexual man living on Long Island, you can learn from this book."